Digital Documents and their Discontents (2 of 2)

This lecture asks ‘what is a document?’ and takes a closer look at the issues of assessing digital documents for research including authority, authenticity, information overload and information scarcity.

This lecture is based on Chapter 2 of ‘Digital Culture Industry: A History of Digital Distribution’

This lecture was delivered as part of the BA in Sociology at the University of Essex, Spring 2014.

Issues of Using Digital Documents in Social Research

A brief outline of my project ‘Digital Culture Industry: A History of Digital Distribution’ and some of the issues I faced when using ‘Digital Documents’ for my research. It’s a bit of a shallow overview of the issues and I’m hoping to get my working paper on the same topic buffed up (massively overhauled) in the next few months.

Historical Research Online – Prezi

I had a few requests for access to the presentation I used to deliver my paper at the OII Symposium last week; so here it is in its wizzy glory.

You can use the arrow keys to move back and forth through the set path (the structured way) but also drag around to make your own way through it. Also if you go to ‘More’ you can go full-screen for better viewing.