A Future of the E-Book?

So a friend on Facebook was asking for ideas for an illustration project. Their task was to draw the future of e-books. I had a small brainwave and thought it an interesting idea. Here’s what I posted.

How about an actual book, cover, pages, spine, etc, except all the surfaces are e-ink. It can store all your books and if you want to read one you load it up and it populates all the pages and the covers appropriately. That way you get the tactile experiential element of holding the book and turning the pages, but the convenience of only carrying one item whilst having thousands of texts.

Often I hear discussions about books being objects that we often will connect with on an emotional level, and that their physicality is part of their appeal, something we are losing with the Kindle. Perhaps this design would help to retain some of the lineage of the book for us.

Just a thought.