Article Update: Embargo!

I got an update on the progress of open-accessing my article and it is both good and bad all at the same time. The wonderful White Rose Foundation has now begun hosting my paper for people outside of academia to access. However, as much as they want to free it to the world, Taylor and Francis, the publishers of the journal have placed an 18 month embargo on making articles open access.

She's a sexy sassy MEP

That means it won’t be truly free until April 2012, at which point the masses of (two) people who want to read it will have given up and gone elsewhere, distracted by the hover-boards, jetpacks and flying cars that will be plentiful in 2012.

There is a silver lining however; if you want a copy you can go to the White Rose page and press the request button, at which point I will email one out to you post haste. The form just asks for an email and a reason for requesting it. I don’t mind if you put a reason or not but stick ‘DCI’ in there for good measure.

LINK: Request your copy now! (Hoverboard not included)

My First Article! – Mobile Ideas

My first academic article has been published in the most recent issue of Mobilities. Co-written with my supervisor Dr David Beer, it’s a write-up of my Masters project from a couple of years ago where I attempted to track how an idea was transmitted from its author out across the net by logging every instance I could find. The idea I used as my guinea pig was Bruce Sterling’s Spime concept and he has been kind enough to give us a quick mention over on Wired. From his response I think he likes it, which is definitely a relief!

As its an academic article its been nicely wrapped up and locked away from people (or institutions) who don’t have subscriptions to the journal. If you do have access in some way or another you can find the article over at the Mobilities e-Journal site.

Unfortunately despite being the one of the authors, I can’t Creative Commons it (academic publishing is a confusing space) however we are working on getting an open access version so that anyone can read the paper if they would like to. I’ll make another post as soon as it’s available.

The article’s data and visualisations are still freely accesible though as we’ve published them online for various reasons. Take a look!

Official Mobilities Article
Open Access Version – Press the ‘Request a Copy’ Button (Why?)
Mobile Ideas Data Website

Gary Hall’s Pirate Philosophy

Just a quick one.

Recently Prof. Gary Hall of Coventry released an article ‘Pirate Philosophy: Open Access, open Editing, Free Content, Free/Libre/Open Media’ via BitTorrent. The original torrent file utilises The Pirate Bay’s tracker, the future of which is uncertain at the moment. I’ve resubmitted the torrent utilising the Open BitTorrent Tracker.

You can grab the torrent from MiniNova.