My First Article! – Mobile Ideas

My first academic article has been published in the most recent issue of Mobilities. Co-written with my supervisor Dr David Beer, it’s a write-up of my Masters project from a couple of years ago where I attempted to track how an idea was transmitted from its author out across the net by logging every instance I could find. The idea I used as my guinea pig was Bruce Sterling’s Spime concept and he has been kind enough to give us a quick mention over on Wired. From his response I think he likes it, which is definitely a relief!

As its an academic article its been nicely wrapped up and locked away from people (or institutions) who don’t have subscriptions to the journal. If you do have access in some way or another you can find the article over at the Mobilities e-Journal site.

Unfortunately despite being the one of the authors, I can’t Creative Commons it (academic publishing is a confusing space) however we are working on getting an open access version so that anyone can read the paper if they would like to. I’ll make another post as soon as it’s available.

The article’s data and visualisations are still freely accesible though as we’ve published them online for various reasons. Take a look!

Official Mobilities Article
Open Access Version – Press the ‘Request a Copy’ Button (Why?)
Mobile Ideas Data Website

Announcement Deux: All Change!

This was an entirely split second decision based on the inkling of a whim… yes. I have decided to change the site to ‘Digital Culture Industry’. Posthominid worked for me back in the day when I was far too interested in post-humanism. However now it seems that ‘posthominid’ has little to do with what I write or think about these days. For now my interests are best summed up by this new site title. Though no guarantee that my interests will hold for long I’ve decided to commit with both barrels.

From now on the site will be referred to as Digital Culture

By tomorrow the primary URL of the site will be

If you find that looks weird I have also registered so that if I write it down for anybody or have it in presentations people won’t break their tongue trying to pronounce it. will still redirect here for the next year, in case you’re averse to change or are feeling retro.

I hope this does not cause too much disruption in your life and that you will come to forgive me, eventually.

Announcement: PPUK Manifesto Released

Just a quick announcement to spread the news.

Members of the PPUK have been working very hard to produce the party manifesto in time for the coming election. I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t one of them, however whoever did has done a cracking job. It’s now available online and can be downloaded in a variety of PDF formats for printing.

It has thoroughly surpassed my expectations and I am pleased to say I agree with every aspect of it: I’m proud to be a member of PPUK.

Commenting Confusion

Just a site specific post/apology. If you’ve commented on any of my posts over the last fortnight your comments may have been eaten by my Akismet spam filter. My little readout tells me its eaten about 25 spam comments but I’ve not been given the option to see them and check. So, if you have commented and its never appeared I apologise with great sorrow and ask that you not be put off. If you want to comment on whatever I say, agreement and disagreement equally encouraged, please do so. I won’t censor anyone who’s not a bot (here come the ‘equal rights for bots brigade’).

New Site!

…old site to be shelved.

I have decided after much deliberation that my post frequency might improve if I made it easier to actually post. Although I loved the control I had creating my website and throwing loads of useless widgets around I am willing to relinquish that for the functionality of WordPress.

With easy remote posting and a ton of basic features (like comments!) that I struggled to elegantly implement in my last site, I’m hoping that this move will mean I’m more willing to post as I wont have to worry about rebuilding the whole site every time I want to say a few words. It’ll take a day or so to get my domain name transferred and after that the old Post Hominid will be archived  (a link for the sentimental will be provided).

Onwards! To functional operating and vaguely improved posting regularity!