Announcement Deux: All Change!

This was an entirely split second decision based on the inkling of a whim… yes. I have decided to change the site to ‘Digital Culture Industry’. Posthominid worked for me back in the day when I was far too interested in post-humanism. However now it seems that ‘posthominid’ has little to do with what I write or think about these days. For now my interests are best summed up by this new site title. Though no guarantee that my interests will hold for long I’ve decided to commit with both barrels.

From now on the site will be referred to as Digital Culture

By tomorrow the primary URL of the site will be

If you find that looks weird I have also registered so that if I write it down for anybody or have it in presentations people won’t break their tongue trying to pronounce it. will still redirect here for the next year, in case you’re averse to change or are feeling retro.

I hope this does not cause too much disruption in your life and that you will come to forgive me, eventually.

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