Infringement of Creative Work Ok… If You’re a Corporation

Here’s an interesting development for you. According to our Government, infringement of copyright is unlawful and such behaviour damages the interests of the country and diminishes the incentive to create. In order to stop such behaviour we must go to extreme lengths to protect the rights of our creative classes. However also according to the Government, it is perfectly ok if a patent is infringed and inventors designs are stolen wholesale. Indeed it was Lord ‘Piracy is Killing the Country’ Mandelson himself who said that harsher measure against those that infringe patents was not necessary (the jury is still out on whether Mandelson has a split personality). Perhaps the telling difference between these scenarios is this; when copyright is infringed it is the individual infringing upon the major corporation. When patents are infringed… well I’m sure you can finish that sentence.

Props to and more info at ‘Out-Law Radio

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