I Often Plagiarise Myself

Here’s a thought for those of you that like to mix your academic work with your blogging vices. My university is trialing some software that detects plagiarism. It runs the submitted work through a few trials and tribulations to see if any significant strings match anything found online. It’s primarily there to make sure an essay isn’t actually a liberal quoting of Wikipedia.

However what happens when the software picks up a match for online content that the author of the submitted work is also the author of? What will happen in two years if my thesis gets run through this algorithm and a big arrow points at this blog? Obviously the mess should swiftly be resolved (one would hope) by me explaining the source of the blog. However it demonstrates both the problems of relying on algorithms and the problem that occurs when someone’s output is no longer contained to a professional sphere. Fifteen years ago no-one would expect a student to be airing their work anywhere outside their professional sphere. Now it should be compulsory.

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