Why Did the World Economy Fail?…

… because our financial institutions are run by people that think the musings of a 15 year old work experience kid constitutes groundbreaking demographic research.

A research note written by a 15-year-old Morgan Stanley intern that described his friends’ media habits has generated a flurry of interest from media executives and investors.

The US investment bank’s European media analysts asked Matthew Robson, an intern from a London school, to write a report on teenagers’ likes and dislikes, which made the Financial Times’ front page today.

His report, that dismissed Twitter and described online advertising as pointless, proved to be “one of the clearest and most thought-provoking insights we have seen – so we published it”, said Edward Hill-Wood, executive director of Morgan Stanley’s European media team.

Twitter is not for teens, Morgan Stanley told by 15-year-old expert

5 thoughts on “Why Did the World Economy Fail?…

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    • Hurrah I have gained international automated content aggregator fame! An interesting little place where a fake person claims authorship over other people’s work. I’m happy for my stuff to be copied all over the place but in CC licence spirit it really shouldn’t say it was written by ‘IGORVORTONER’

      Not that it took me much more than two minutes effort 😀

    • Pretty much, all you have to do is walk into their head office and state clearly and concisely ‘I am Younger than You!” and you should get an executive position.

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